Songwriting, singing, and especially playing harmonica allow me to give shape, color, energy, excitement, and adrenaline to the notes. It allows me insight into harmony both in music and in everyday life.

Playing the harmonica is supposed to be non-invasive. I like clean tones and emphasize overall harmony. There can be fewer tones, accuracy and specific color, expression are important. A few notes can express everything.

The word “Thank you” also only has two notes.


from a joint author’s workshop of Vilda Roubicek & Michal Smolan

My Friend (EN version) is coming soon

Vilda Roubíček – vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Michal Smolan – piano, arrangements, sound
Daniel Furmánek – electric guitar
Veronika Hadvičáková Sobčáková – choir singing
Tereza Trávníčková – choir singing


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Dr.Melone´s Friends

It is a folk-pop music group with an overlap into RnB, blues and funk, playing own songs of frontman Milan Bobo Bocviňok.

Melouni appear mainly between Frýdek-Místek and Ostrava (CZ). I open concerts as a singer-songwriter. Come for your dose of joy from music!

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