Nemoros/Kobalt Publishing

The term Publishing, or Music Publishing, does not cover its literal translation of “publishing”, but registration and copyright protection. KOBALT is one of the world’s leading copyright companies.

The basic element is the registration and protection of copyright. The composition is checked for previously registered copyrights of other persons and is subsequently registered in the KOBALT catalog as an author’s work. Effective protection of this work then ensures that the work cannot be misused or used free of charge by another entity without the consent of the author.

Subsequently, the Publisher ensures regular control of the use of the author’s work throughout the world, both in terms of mechanical rights and in use for covers, use in other works and especially use on social networks and the Internet. Fees for such use are constantly collected from all over the world and paid to the author.

A very important element is the subsequent licensing of the song. Publisher actively offers music productions, managers, artists, advertising companies, and all other organizations that use music for any artistic or advertising purpose to purchase a license for that work, a distinct right to use. The author of the composition thus provides additional income from his copyrights.

If you are the author or co-author of a musical opus and you feel that your earnings could be more significant, write us an e-mail: a short message with a link to your own compositions, so that their true perspective can be evaluated directly Kobalt Publishing.

We offer a direct registration of each individual song in the Kobalt Publishing catalog and effective monetization of the music business. The activity is carried out on the basis of an exclusive contract and it is possible to obtain hidden / withheld earnings up to 3 years back.

Publishing represents authors both in the field of mechanical rights and in obtaining rights from social networks, media and live concert performances with activities around the world. The same applies to any sale of licenses for your copyrighted works. The Kobalt catalog is one of the most important in the world and offers a good chance for further earnings from the sale of licenses.