Prague, Czech Republic



Year of production: 1920-1935, label inside the body

Material: massive wood

Specialized reconstruction: 2017/2018, see attached photos

Condition: excellent

We tune the instrument and behave like a classical guitar. This instrument includes exclusively nylon strings. This instrument is characterized by full and long tone, more pronounced bass and midrange, proportionally balanced higher tones.

Regardless of the tone quality and performance of the instrument, this instrument is already a relic and the owner can’t imagine anyone using it for professional stage playing.

It is a pity that the instrument is closed in a bag and leaning in a corner when it can hang on the wall in an ideal environment among other musical instruments, maybe in a shop as a “live” decoration and make visitors happy.

The price of the reconstruction was 750 €, made by Mr. Znamenacek, and that is the price for which the owner would leave this special instrument in good hands.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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